Students' new learning styles:

To view Dr. Sontag's research regarding students' new learning styles, go to This site also contains lesson plans and links to all materials used in the research study, including the online virtual world of the Aeneid Rome KaMOO. - an interactive website for 6th and 8th grade social studies students and teachers. If you're a student, check out the interactive presentations that can help make subjects such as ancient man, Greece, Rome, or early American history come alive. Some presentations, such as the Jeopardy Games or online quizzes, can help you review for an upcoming test! Teachers, if you want to jump right into lessons, click on interactive presentations. To see how the presentations meet curriculum standards, go to the Standards page. When viewing the presentations, be sure to carefully follow all of the directions for installing plug-ins such as the Powerpoint Viewer, Shockwave, or the Stagecast Player on your computer, including restarting your computer.

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Conference and Class Handout Downloads:
-Download the PowerPoint Jeopardy Game Handout and Template here.
-Download the Yosemite Virtual World Lesson Plans here.
-Download the Yosemite Critical Thinking student worksheet here.
-Download the
Instructions for the Yosemite Virtual World here.
-Download the Virtual World PowerPoint here.
-Download the VW PowerPoint Handout here.
-Blog for Yosemite Valley Virtual Word:

-Download the complete Aeneid lesson plans here.


To download the Powerpoint Viewer, go to For the Stagecast Player, go to . For the Flash player, go to

Dr. Sontag is an Instructional Technology Teacher for the Union Elementary School District in San Jose, CA. She has written online curriculum for Connected University, presented at Syllabus 2000, California League of Middle Schools Technology Conferences, Computer Using Educators (CUE) Conferences, UCCP, the 2006 Games, Learning and Society conference, and critiqued educational gaming projects for the U.S. Department of Education. Her PhD is in Instructional Design for Online Learning. You can view her dissertation and make comments at You can contact her at

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